Socrates view on sexuality

Socrates view on sexuality

Section (A): Conceptual Analysis I
According to Benson (2000), Socrates used to ask people simple questions that aimed to create a true description of things. Socrates wanted interlocutors to provide objective answers about things. For example when talking about sexual activity, it is a broad term that involves the way in which human beings express their sexuality. Sexual activity usually leads to psychological changes as well as sexual arousal in the individual aroused. Sexual activity involves activities that are focused to increase sexual interest for two individuals to involve sexual intercourse. In this topic Socrates wants to understand the true definition of sexual activity. Understanding both the necessary and sufficient conditions of sexual activity is important to know the true description of the issue. The necessary condition of sexual activity is sexual urge, interests or arousal for sexual satisfaction. It is important to understand that sexual activity cannot take place without sexual arousal for something (sexual object). Sexual arousal normally influence people to involve in sexual behaviors, sexual intercourse and sex drive. Sexual arousal has influenced people to involve in rape, anal sex, masturbation, genital sex, oral sex, and having sexual with inanimate objects. However, research has found out that in certain cases, people failed to make use of their sexual activities appropriately. In the past, people engaged in sexual abuses that are inappropriate human acts.

Having a sexual partner or sexual object is a sufficient condition for involving in sexual activity. Only sexual arousal cannot enable an individuals perform sexual activity. It is important to have a partner in order to perform sexual activity. Certain individuals have used sexual objects such as animals or inanimate objects to have sex. Others have involved in heterosexuality and homosexuality to fulfill their sexual activities. Without sufficient condition, necessary condition cannot enable people to involve in sexual activity. Socrates liked putting people into great task by asking questions that aimed to illustrates necessary and sufficient conditions of things (Benson, 2000). This was a way of knowing descriptions of things.

Section (B): Conceptual Analysis II
Socrates used an interrogative approach to deconstruct the definitions that his interlocutors presented. Benson (2000) says that Socrates used counter examples to show that the sufficient and necessary conditions that interlocutors presented were not adequate. The interlocutor shows how sufficient and necessary conditions are important to ensure sexual activity is performed. It is understood that sexual arousal is a necessary condition for sexual activity. However, without a sufficient condition, the necessary condition cannot perform sexual activity. People cannot do sex in the air, they must have something that they use to get sexual satisfaction, which is known sufficient condition. Most people use their opposite partners for sex. Others use animals while others use inanimate objects or dead bodies to satisfy their sexual urge. Other people also involve in same sex relations. Sexual activities have caused various impacts such as prostitutions, rape, sexual assault, sodomy, masturbation and other erotic behaviors.

Socrates deconstructed the definition that the interlocutor described through considering the moral obligation that people have in the society. Socrates wanted a just society where people are morally upright. Socrates was against the principle of moral relativism that the sophists influenced in the society. Socrates used de-constructivism as a technique to overturned immoral ideas that people practiced (Benson, 2000). The reason why Socrates asked many questions was to understand how to deconstruct people’s ignorance. After Socrates identified people’s definition of things, he challenged them to think correctly. Socrates understood that knowledge is virtue and therefore he expected people to be morally upright. Socrates believed that knowing the right is to do the right thing. The Socratic definition understands sufficient and necessary conditions in term of moral behaviors. Socrates believed that moral objective principles can transform the people to become better citizens. Socrates believed that until people understand true knowledge about things, life would be better. When asking about the question regarding sexual activity, Socrates knew the moral obligation as a tool that would enable people to lead a better life. Socrates understood that knowing the sufficient and necessary conditions of sexual activity is not enough. Socrates was a great educator and thus he knew comprehensive teachings and laws.

The natural law expects opposite sex partners to observe moral obligations when taking part in sexual activity. Having sex with animals or inanimate objects is against the principle of natural law. Involving in rape or having sex with under age partner is against the natural law. Complying with moral obligation ensures that people involve in appropriate sexual activities that respect human dignity. Moral law requires people to refrain from activities of sexual abuse. Benson (2000) views that moral obligation expects people to become responsible over their lives. When people involve in irresponsible sexual activities, social problems normally occur in the society. Socrates believed that challenges that people face in the society could be solved by observing moral obligations. Socrates believed that moral values are not conventional, but are real principles. Socrates therefore challenged people to become virtuous in order to create a better society.


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