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Antifeminism has gradually grown in to one of the most controversial and heated topic of discussion in the modern ay world.  The feminine gender has for the better part of human history been in the shadow of the masculine gender (Chafetz, 2006).  There exists an obsolete hypothesis that men are superior to women in nearly all aspects of life. Therefore antifeminism has been a common problem for quite a lengthy period now.  Different cultures promote antifeminism in a unique way. Certainly there are those in our societies with the humanistic approach to life and belief that the feminine gender requires equal rights and opportunities just like the masculine gender (Chafetz, 2006). However for quite a long time the fight to develop an equal opportunity society has always received massive setbacks courtesy of the conservative cultures and obsolete socio-cultural beliefs. This paper therefore aims at unearthing the mystery behind the conservative opposition and antifeminism among women.

We all have different heritages build on different faiths, theories and beliefs. One factor that remains somewhat unanimous across these heritages is the rightful place of a woman. Women have generally been represented as tools of service to men (Chafetz, 2006).  Feminism has frequently received massive criticism in the name of sustaining the irreplaceable place of culture.  It is true that the place of culture cannot be completely occupied by new ideologies (Chafetz, 2006). Nonetheless, not all ancient assertions are worth the test of time.  Feminism is undoubtedly the greatest opportunity to develop the race of mankind using the most responsible, gifted and the original source of motherly love. Women certainly have a superior sense of humanity as mothers in comparison to men.

Unfortunately, the wave of antifeminism has attracted greater support than the   struggle to equal opportunity society. To even greater surprise is the increasing number of women supporting antifeminism (Chafetz, 2006). The female part of the global society has recently been hit with a unique drawback. Women have taken to the various social sites to express their hatred of the feminist movement. To some feminism is a malignant tumour that is risking the humble and healthy coexistence across the globe under the leadership of men.  It is certainly disturbing to see such comments from women circulating across the social and public sites (Chafetz, 2006).

The conservative protection of the masculine dominance has certainly been supported by the major faiths and hence making men gods to their ladies.Conservatism at its best has literally equipped men with the perfect opportunity to disguise and misunderstand the feminine gender. Surprisingly, it is not the men who promote the antifeminism campaign (Chafetz, 2006). As a matter of fact; the greater percentage of the globally acknowledged feminism pioneers and warriors are men.  The multi-billion dollar question therefore stands unanswered even up to date.

What is the reason behind conservative opposition and antifeminism among women?  Female antifeminists have certainly developed a rather complex yet very realistic explanation for their reason to maintain the conservative opposition to feminism. According to these  bold and  determined  ladies; feminism has  gradually grown form the genuine  campaign to create and equal-opportunity society to the  complex way of  righting some of the un imaginable acts of the modern world (Chafetz, 2006).

Feminism at his introduction stages was a genuine campaign to ensure that men are respectable to women and that the world offers equal opportunities to both the boy child and the girl child (Chafetz, 2006).  Unfortunately as the female antifeminists argue; the genuine goal of feminism has been utterly breached. They argue that real feminism is all about creation of an equal opportunity society. Certainly this is the absolute truth of the genuine type of feminism that has evidently lost its taste and place in the modern day society. Unfortunately, the whole idea of feminism has suddenly changed from the genuine campaign to develop and equal – opportunity society to the greatest witch hand in the history of mankind (Chafetz, 2006).

Abortion, free birth controls, damnation of the masculine gender and general disrespect ot the gift of life have been the real fruits of the feminist movement according to the antifeminists (Chafetz, 2006). With the masculine gender quite passionate, caring and unaware of the negative agendas of the intention of feminists; they have actively supported the feministic movements with all their passion and available resources. Their genuine warm-hearted actions have certainly become the strong foundation of the masculine gender damnation and disrespect for life (Chafetz, 2006).

Take for instance the collectively campaign staged by the feminist movements across the globe that directly or indirectly support abortion. Not to mention the risk that the ale child is currently surviving at due to the imbalanced favours channelled to the feminine gender.To the antifeminists; feminism has become the root source of all the unthinkable acts of animosity perpetrated by the modern society.  We are living in a dispensation without the moral values and virtues that made the human race a shrewd and respectable creature from the other creatures (Chafetz, 2006).

Come to think of the nude-fashion of grooming that has become one of the most celebrated way of grooming by the modem women. To the antifeminists, the so called modernization fever has been the greatest undoing and abuse to our heritage. Nude-fashion is a trend that certainly erodes the morals of our small girls (Chafetz, 2006). Take for instance a mother with small girls grooming in the “tight-fashion suit”, as the mother she is the primary and most influential person to her young girls. Therefore these girls will grow knowing that such kind of grooming is perfect and smart.

Surprisingly, the men still adhere to descend suits and nurture their boys in to responsible and handsome gentlemen. The antifeminism movements have certainly unearthed a very rare side of feminism that might never be acceptable in the modern dispensation; but it is a revelation that is quite genuine and honest (Chafetz, 2006). Their approach to feminism has hence drawn stringent criticism from the feminists a battle that has seen different people support the ideology they deem right according to the individual understanding and judgement.

Women certainly require freedom that has been given by the dominant masculine gender.  However as the antifeminists clearly argue, this freedom has even abused the feminine gender in even a more negative way. Antifeminism is therefore the only way to rectify the already decaying society (Chafetz, 2006). The reckless behaviour of the feminine gender according to women antifeminists requires change in the way the modern society understands female freedom. The ancient respect and morality sustained by the masculine chauvinism style of leadership offers a brighter and morally upright future than the equal rights feministic approach (Chafetz, 2006). It is high time we sacrifice the unnecessary freedom that feminists campaigns for and sustain the moral nerve of human kind.


12 Years a Slave

12 Years a Slave is one of Steve McQueen’s master piece of art.  In this move McQueen combines economics, art, politics, drama, history and literature to come up with an all-round master copy.  Although there critic just like another artwork, McQueen has developed one of the best movies of all time (Kermode, 2014).  McQueen uses an exceptionally modern and elite model in developing the characters in this movie. 12 Years a Slave is a movie based on the story of Solomon Northup that focuses on the problems encountered by the sophisticated carpenter, father and a musician  of new rock who was kidnapped and sold as a slave to the southern merchants (Kermode, 2014).  . Surprisingly, this is a common practice in the modern American society.  Ford the new master of Platt deprives him of the fame, human treatment and any sense of respect in the plant.

Platt certainly changes from the healthy and promising lifestyle of New York to the pathetic, inhumane and dreadful slavery life in the south (Kermode, 2014).  .  Ford his master is and unsympathetic person full of demeanour towards Platt.  His perception on Platt earns Solomon even another selling to Epps (Michael Fassbender) an even more inhumane and bully master (Kermode, 2014).  .  His psychotic temper is beyond control and takes pleasure in mistreating his slaves.  Patsey (Lupita Nyong’o) is the perfect specimen of how Epps disguise and inhumanity guarantees suffering for Platt. McQueen develops his characters with a sense of humour, passion and artistic talent.   He has a superior application of music as an artistic tool (Kermode, 2014).  . The music here serves as the unquestionable and bold tool that discusses some of the “sacred” aspects in the life of slavery such as suffering. It is a master piece complied by one the most promising directors of the modern world and based on the real life exposures not only in America but across the globe (Kermode, 2014).  .

12 Years a Slave is certainly the best film in film history that unearths the mystical truth about American slavery (Collins, 2014). Slavery has always been rampant and real in America. However, the complexity of the modern American society has hid the reality from us.  Fortunately, McQueen has sacrificed his art career to expose the untold story of modern slavery (Collins, 2014).  The movie adapt the memoirs of one Solomon Northup who mysteriously disappears from the native home of New York to the land of slavery courtesy of the black market kidnapping job.  The life of Solomon takes an unfortunate turn from that of academician, a musician and a father in New York to the pathetic slavery life in the south. The racial difference in the American society certainly surfaces.  Solomon (Platt) comes from the black society and hence has a relatively small chance of relevance in the white dominated New York culture (Collins, 2014).

McQueen practically surfaces the reality of the racial differences that exists even in the present day America. Racial discrimination is real despite the different theories applied by the affluent to squash the pathetic state of living and suffering experienced by the black American society. Down south, Platt (Solomon) meets Patsey (Lupita) another black American slave under the authority of the psychotic master Epps (Michael Fassbender) of the white American society (Collins, 2014).

Generally the white part of the American society still upholds the obsolete ancient belief that the black race is still slaves to the white people.  It is an incredibly ignorant assumption given the fact that the American President; His Excellency President Barrack Obama is a typically Black- skin president. McQueen is the first producer in the American history with the confidence to address the reality as it is  (Collins, 2014). 12 Years a Slave therefore hits the highest level of rating by addressing quite a sensitive topic without fear of victimization or coercion from the dominant forces of the American culture.

McQueen’s movie 12Years a Slave is a critical evaluation of the American hypocritical dream (Northup, 2014). The American society has for quite a long time been living in massive insincerity. The American dream has always narrated a story of peaceful, humane and unanimous society determined to overcome all the challenges to attain the national goals. Well McQueen must be the only person with the courage to critically question the authenticity of the American dream. In his master piece, McQueen exposes the real life antagonism that is still deeply rooted within the American society under the racial parameters (Northup, 2014). Memoirs of Solomon narrate the American history, present and future of slavery in an incredibly bold and genuine way.

The suffering endured by Platt and Patsey under the master hood of their masters is a perfect example of the suffering that slavery still brings behind the bright, hypocritical and complex feature of American dream (Northup, 2014). Michael Fassbender represents the inhumane, influential and affluent part of the American culture that proclaims the greatest honour for transforming the political and economic fortunes of the American nation. Platt and Patsey on the other hand represent the less fortunate and peasant part of the society who still languishes behind the scenes courtesy of the autocratic leadership of the affluent (Northup, 2014).  They represent the part of the American society who literally sacrifices their lives at the expense of economic health of their nation. McQueen gathers the courage and uses his artistic talent to set the records straight by exposing the dark side of the American slave history lead by the so called “American Nationalist”.  It is one of the most interesting and educative movies based on a true story (Northup, 2014).

12 Year a Slave is the perfect 21st century movie. It is movie developed from all aspects and factors of the 21st century. Unlike other types of movies that focus on one factor such as technology or politics; McQueen has developed the actual master copy that cuts across all the factors of the 21st century (Dargis, 2013). In his efforts to address the problem of slavery, Steve McQueen narrates the Chronicles of Solomon from the celebrated musician, carpenter and a father to the pathetic life a slave in the south. In his quest to expose the deeply rotten American fate; McQueen combines technology, politics, history, art and economics to develop a thrilling and touching movie (Dargis, 2013).

The Oscar and Turner award winning director has finally explained the real American history, interpreted the present and forecasted the future in this new film. The social classes’ imbalance problem is still very realistic in the American society no matter how developed or civilized the hypothetical narrations might appear (Dargis, 2013). Yes; there has been a positive trend in human right campaign. However, let us not dwell on easy manipulative theories developed by the affluent and influential. There is still slavery and racial discrimination in modern day America. Epps (Michael Fassbender) and Ford (Benedict Cumber batch) are the perfect specimens of the perpetrators of contemporary slavery. The affluent and economically empowered part of the modern day America has certainly developed new, inhumane and tactical ways of hiding the negative aspects of their deeds.  Fortunately McQueen has exposed the hidden tactics through his courageous art career (Dargis, 2013).

Steve McQueen is the pioneer black director to define one of the greatest mysteries of all time.  Slavery has certainly been a complex American problem that many directors have shunned away from. The powerful characters behind the American slavery problem have successfully convinced the naïve American society that America is a slave-free destination. Well, McQueen just surfaced the malice and hypocrisy of these characters in 12 Years a Slave (Solomon, 2015). This movie rescues the general public from the fallacy created by the affluent masterminds of modern day America. The autobiography of Solomon that forms the basic structure of the move unearths the secret, complex and rampant slavery in modern day America.

In his movie, McQueen explains the complex and hidden American life as a slave  using Platt (Solomon) and Patsey (Lupita) as the  slaves  suffering  under their affluent masters Ford and Epps. It is a symbolic narration of the untold cases of suffering that still exists in the present day America (Solomon, 2015). He successfully develops quite an interesting movie that performs more than the convectional entertainment role. It serves as an awakening call to the American people to unite and fight a common enemy in the form of hypocrisy and discrimination on grounds of race, social class and political affiliations.

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Complex Adaptive System Theory

Decentralization of the operations of HCLT is the most significant change that not only altered the organizational operations of this firm but also created a starfish style of operation to secure the future of the entity (Schneider & Somers).  Changing from a centralized system of operation; HCL Technologies embraced a more specific approach to the needs and wants of prospective clients as per their tastes and preferences.  Intellectual management approach such as the Business-Aligned IT (BIAT) for the customer department was the genesis of decentralization in HCLT (Schneider & Somers).  The entity gradually embraced autonomy in departmentalization.  The entity hence evolved from the ancient bureaucratic level of management made up of distinct internal boundaries to a modest flexible and fluid method of administration from an external boundary approach.

According to the complex adaptive theory; leadership is a significant facet of self-organization and hence leaders play a very important role in developing and designing the operational policies of an entity (Schneider & Somers). However, the theory is also very keen to discourage the idea of a centralized style of leadership where the leader has exclusive power to make important business decisions (Schneider & Somers). HCLT simply evolved from the state of chaos and uncertainty that equipped the top management with exclusive administrative authority and embraced a decentralized system to initiate autonomy in the operations of the company.

This is certainly a shrewd management approach since it increases specialization and better understanding of the needs of the potential clients (Schneider & Somers). It is also an approach that eradicates redundancy as a result of bureaucracy hence increasing the reliability, availability and efficiency of the services to the consumers.  This improvement will in turn result to a net increase in turnover as a result of positive change (Schneider & Somers).


Global History of Architecture

Glen Murcutt’s architecture is a special type of architecture that according to the pioneer is informed by the climate of a certain environment. In his architectural career, Glen aspires to construct and unique building that combines both the basic function of shelter as well as appreciate the beauty of nature by allowing a healthy coexistence between the humans and a other organisms in the environment. He once said “…if you lift your house off the ground, the snakes go underneath it … the elevation allows you to watch for termites…”. (Berlanda, 30).

Tadao Ando on the other hand is a Japanese architect whose self-taught architectural work has influenced substantial amount of followers especially the religious people. Brought up in a religious background; Tadao’s style of architecture was hence highly influenced by religion to come out with the “Haiku” effect (Francis et.al, 34). His style of design therefore advocates for a more religious approach that is built on the beauty of simplicity. In his works therefore simplicity is the greatest requirement to ensure that the building has the humility, comfort and space to attract those who understand and own the unique “Haiku” effect.

According to Tadao’s philosophy; the society is what it is because of the type of architecture used to make up this society. Architecture is hence forth an important tool of change in our societies (Berlanda, 56). His aboriginal culture is quite powerful to Tadao’s philosophy. He therefore maintains the heritage of the Japanese culture no matter where he travels. Therefore Tadao’s architecture can be summarized in to an architectural design that is founded on simplicity and heritage. The concept of sensational and physical encounters nurtured by the Japanese culture rules under this type of architecture is quite a basic requirement that separates this style of architecture from the other others. The Tada church on water is a perfect example of the unique combination of heritage, simplicity, spatial concentration and design (Francis et.al, 66).

 Tadao church on water.

Magney house on the other hand is entirely different from Tadao architecture. This is an architectural design born from the city of Berlin that uses natural stone stata one either single of or double layer design to build a certain building (Francis et.al, 78).  Murcutt’s Magney house is born out of the Germany culture of assembling powerful tools and machines. Magney architecture is therefore a type of complex architecture based on topography rather than the heritage of the founder. Magney architecture combines design, sophistication, topography and available resources to developed the most secure, attractive and durable building.

 Magney House.

Architecture has certainly developed from different humble background to the modern sophisticated approaches used in building. Certainly the different architectural origin has set quite a huge difference between the buildings of Tokyo japan and those in Berlin German. The Tokyo buildings are basically inspired by the Tadao model of architecture and hence tend to have the simple, spatial-design buildings (Berlanda, 89).

The Berlin city building on the other hand is an improvement of the Magney architecture. The difference between the buildings of these cities indicates a strong aspect of heritage from either side. The most important thing however is the positive trend of integration that these architectural designs have acquired to give birth to the modern sky-scrappers around the globe. It is certainly an achievement worth the sacrifices undertaken by the pioneers.

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Annotated bibliography on Gender

Zosuls, M. K. et.al. (2011).

Gender imbalance has been an historical challenge that has seen gender development and dominance bend towards the masculine gender. This article however studies the emergence of gender development in the form of sex roles over the past decade. It is an article that focuses of the changing roles of sexuality and developments in the modern society that constitute gender development. This article provides an excellent appraisal of gender development from history of masculinity and gender imbalance to the modern era of gender development and equality.

Ditz. L. T. (2004).

Feminists and historians have met complex challenges in their quests to unearth the complexity behind the dominance of the masculine gender. Gender equality and development has indeed been a tense topic over the years. This article aims to establish the source of this unease especially when trying to understand the dominance of men. It is an article that discusses the different stereotypes and cultural structures that have supported the dominance of men over women historically. The article also focuses on the changing trend that is affiliated with gender equality and empowerment of the feminine gender.

George, K. (2013).

This article takes a unique structure. When America was entangled in the deadly battle zones; women and generally the feminine gender was not represented in the battle zones and leadership areas. However after the war invested period expired; modern day America has developed in to an equal opportunity society with gender equality emerging as a prime tool of governance. This article focuses more of feminism, gender equality and the empowerment of the feminine gender form domestic tools to popular ad powerful people in modern day America.

Thomas, D. (n.d).

Thomas’s article compares the fate of femininity in the modern day Canada as a subject to the role of femininity in the 21st century America.  America has certainly been established as the ultimate global leader. Therefore other nation tends to align their systems to abide by the American style of administration. This article therefore compares the gender empowerment campaign in Canada to the level of gender development in the American history. The article has been developed in an analytic style that examines the actual figures of feminine empowerment before and after 21st century. It is indeed a quality based article that combines qualitative and quantitative methods of research to derive the conclusion that gender development is indeed a positive approach that will maximize the general productivity of a society.

Anyonymous (n.d).

To explain the source of gender based disparity; we must examine the influential historical forces that were responsible for the construction of different gender attitudes. This article literally compares the unwavering position of different socio-cultural beliefs and assumption based on gender and the emerging trend of modernization. It is the perfect article that brings out the two-sided discussion on gender equality and imbalance across the different eras.  The American woman is certainly a specimen used to define the struggle that the feminine gender has had to endure so as to claim their rightful place in the society against the chauvinistic beliefs and principles.

Hawke, A. L. (2007).

The traditional gender roles in a family unit as the primary unit of administration in the American society have certainly been quite definite. The ancient European settlers introduce roles such as economic roles and administrative roles that formed the factual system of governance led by the men in the American history. It is an article that critically compares the ancient American society that was dominated by men and the modern day America where governance have evolved from the gender based system of governance to a value based system. This change has certainly empowered the women of America and more importantly created the much needed opportunity for all women to positively compete with men in different fields.

Blee. M.K & Tickamyer, R. A. (1995).

The male gender has historically been established as the superior gender across different socio-cultural set ups. This article appraises the three basic aspects of gender development. Racial differences especially between the black and white races in regard to femininity;  changes in gender-based roles over time and parental and life course influences on gender role attitudes are the  key pillars of this article. It is an evaluative article that aims to establishing the origin of gender imbalance in the American society and the different approaches that have been developing gradually to salvage the fate of the feminine gender over the years.

Ritter, G. (2006).

The American political development story is definitely one of the most complex structured stories anyone can focus on. Ritter, 2006 takes the gender path in his article in the quest to identify the role and fate of women in the American history books. American political story has been a gradual development from the era of male chauvinism to the modern era of gender development and equality. This article provides a gender development chronology of the American women from a state of minority to the current state of empowerment.

Smith, G. B. (2008).

This book is an exclusive compilation of the experiences of women in the male dominated politics field across the globe. It is a comprehensive 4-volume book that extensively researches on some of the most powerful, influential and celebrated female leaders from across the globe and their struggles to compete against all odds. It is basically a text that narrates the resilience of the women with the biased cultures to raise against the naivety of the cultures and challenge men for the powerful positions.

Momsen, H.J. (2004).

This books is a continuation of the  “Since the classic Women and development in the Third World”. It is a gender development text that aims to  positively utilize the wave of globalization to help develop the role of women. It is book whose main focus in on the new challenges that face women in their dreams and the most appropriate way of dealing with these challenges.

Ambition to reform the status quo in the society

I have always been in the endless pursuit to meet the man of the dreams. Well not all dreams pass the test of time to become realities. Nonetheless, I still have faith in meeting the one man who will perfectly fit my prescription of tastes, preferences, personality and other qualities. Physical appearance my primary features in searching my dream man.  He must be a tall, black and handsome young man with both the physical appealing handsome appearance and the excellent personality type of a perfectionist.  It is certainly hard for any person to become an outright perfectionist in every aspect of life. However, the modern generation men appear to me to have taken the definite trait of nature to perfect their imperfections. The dream man certainly does not subscribe to this class of men.

A man is defined by the achievements he achieves in his lifetime.  I dream of a man who has established the primary achievements of earning the skills, knowledge and experience to provide shelter, daily bread and protection of his family.  I definitely need a man who has the mantle of a complete provider and protector. He has to excel beyond the primary class of requirements to the secondary and tertiary levels of earning the rightful amount of income to provide luxury and enjoyment as an important of his family. I dream of a responsible gentleman with the  humane  and industrious traits  ready to toil and moil for the  better future of his family as well as  have an open heart to the society In general and aid in the social community collective responsibility aimed at making our society a habitable secure  destiny.

My ambition in life is rise up beyond all odds and become the most powerful female politician of the modern generation. Leadership has for the better part of history been a masculine affair.  Well these men I must say have been on the driver’s seat for the major developments that have made life as comfortable and self-sustaining. Nonetheless, the modern generation of make leaders have unfortunately developed an unscrupulous personality of blackmailing the naïve societies to amerce wealth. The cancer of corruption has definitely taken the refuge in our men.

Women are the sole source of change and salvation from the unforgiving unfortunate cancer of male chauvinism and corruption that has deeply injured the potential muscles of the modern generation. My ambition is therefore to change the fate of humanity via a new model of leadership that exposes the dirty and complex systems that for quite a long time have been the reason behind the recurring failure and inconveniences in our lives. I aspire to the pioneer of change in leadership for both a feministic approach and motherly stand point.

We certainly agree that the girl child has been deprived of the health talent development environment. Unfortunately, even the boy kid from the less fortunate part of the global populace has had no chance to thrive in the highly imbalanced world. I forecast an equal opportunity society based on a strong leadership foundation that eradicates gender imbalances and social class differences that for a long time have undermined the developments of the society.  It is my ambition to reform the  status quo in the society to a new culture of equity and equality.

20TH Century Fox

20th Century Fox is undoubtedly one of the globe’s finest movie producers ever. Formed from the merger of Fox Film Corporation and Twentieth Century-Fox companies in 1935; 20th Century Fox hit the film production with massive potential.  Joseph Schenck the then president of the United Artist and Warner Bros head of production Darryl F. Zanuck founded the 20th Century Fox Company on the 31st day of May 1935 in the form of a business merger (Aberdeen, n.d). The Hollywood based film production maniac then set its pace to prosperity as a result of a mutual business understanding between Schenck and Zanuck as a fruit of the entrepreneurial genius Sidney Kent (Fox Film president).  Fox Plaza, Century City, Los Angeles, California then became the global headquarters of the 20th Century Fox Film Corporation.

20th Century Fox Film is currently the world’s leading film production entity with film coverage and production covering from nearly all aspects of art. This company has indeed propelled the “golden TV age” with the  extensive  production of Drama, realities, sitcoms, action, Animations ad documentaries  out of  the prudent leadership and management  offered by the best talent in the film production field. 20th Century Fox has a wealthy combination of producers and actors who have developed the leading classics as well as developed some of the best films of the modern day history (Aberdeen, n.d)..

Take for instance the Star Wars from my personal view 20th Century’s biggest revelation up to date. The adventure based film is certainly at the top of its level because of the wealthy combination of the different aspects of art such as drama, action, horror, comedy and adventure (Aberdeen, n.d)..  The 1999 master piece still finds a place in the top classics because of its incredibly attractive and adventurous development. Produced in a three chronological periods; Star Wars I, Star Wars II and Star Wars III  the American space masque still commands massive  fan base across the globe. George Lucas the art genius behind Star Wars certainly created a master piece that never ages (Aberdeen, n.d)..

The dominance of this entity did not end with the ancient area.  Millennium productions such as X-MEN (2000), X-Men: The Last Stand (2006), X-Men: Day of Future past (2014), Avatar (2009), Planet of the Apes (2001) to mention but a few authenticates the dominance of 20th Century Fox Company in the film production industry (Aberdeen, n.d). These movies have been nominated for several gala events and competitions in which 20th Century Fox work certainly dominated the prize winners. The films definitely appreciate all sections of the global society and hence embrace the heterosexual romance cases in particular film works, use women greatly especially in romantic and drama movies and also use female leads to advocate for empowerment.  The studio also produces feminist movies such as “There’s something about Mary”, with an objective of effectively communicating with the audience.

The corporate executive team of this company is simply made up of the best talent in the film industry. Rupert Murdoch and Lachlan Murdoch are the two executive co-chairmen with incredible experience in the film industry and television broadcasting with approximately 35 and 15 years of experience respectively (Aberdeen, n.d). James Murdoch the chief executive officer has gradually rose up the management line over past two decades to become the CEO under the nurturing of the chairmen. He is closely aided by an incredibly gifted board of directors:  Chase Carey, John Nallen, Gerson A. Zweifach, Julie Anderson, Janet Nova, Michael Regan and Reed Nolte. They are closely advised and management by the best business leaders in: Roger Ailes, James. N. Gainopulos, Gary Newman, Peter Rice, Uday Shankar and Dana Walden. Three women are in the top most level of management in this company. The information about the top management is readily available and accessible to everyone hence positively affecting the marketing strategy of the company (Aberdeen, n.d).


Work/Life Integration.

Part 1.

My intended career of being an engineer contradicts the family career of medical professionals. It is a deviation that definitely falls way too far from the work family boundary requirements. Despite qualifying for the preferred family career oriented to the medicine world; I have resolved to follow my engineering passion and hence developing quite a complex relationship with the family.  Nonetheless, the family still remains to claim the first priority in my case. To sustain the prime position of the family bond as well as secure the opportunity to nurture my career; I have worked out a professional work schedule. This schedule is more of a pragmatic timetable of managing my professional hours of the day as well as the family hours.

The greatest challenge so far has been adhering to the schedule. Back home I find it very unsatisfying because other family members tend to deliberate on a medical angle and hence making it hard to play by their conversations.  On the other hand these important people in my life find it hard to understand any aspect of my professional world. We are hence limited to Lehman’s talk that does not last long. However, the disparity in professionals tends to offer me enough time to ponder on all professional decisions and appraise the most appropriate way to handle a certain case from the family angle and the professional angle. The greatest and most valuable family ritual is to share all meals together.

Religious teachings and parental counselling have been nurtured as family rituals. My father dealt with the disciplines and counselling issues while moither dealt with meals and religious education. My life is all about setting important timelines. Having successfully entered the professional world and become independent form my parents; I look forward to starting my family in the next three years. My engineering career will definitely become a lifetime career. However, I still associate with the medical sector courtesy of my immediate family. My parents are definitely ageing and hence will require my care. On their retirement from professional duties in the next five years I look forward to take control of the family as their new family manager. This will however be a responsibility married to the professional requirement of my engineering and fatherhood career.


Part 2.

Apparently, my life partner come from a different career path cannot be harmonized with my career path. Therefore to maintain the prime objective of having a joyful family; we all have prioritized the family over our professions. I definitely cannot switch from engineering to security management because the two fields are highly independent. Therefore I seek to develop my career and  help my partner develop hers in the best way possible. It is a duo traffic relationship to help each other attain personal and collective goals.

In the event that my career peak coincides with the need to take care of my parents; I will liaise with them to acquire the professional services of a quality family care employee to help them when I am away of duties. I would also liaise with my employer at the time to seek local duties so as to spend time with my folks. All my recreational time will be sacrificed to take care of the folks who nurtured me to become who I am.

With young children comes increased parental care and guidance. However, at the peak of my career my children will be subject more to the care of their mother than my care. However, I would sacrifice my personal time and recreational time to offer parental care to these young lads. I must provide the daily bread for the young ones and hence the services of  child care will at times be required bearing in  ind that the mother has her career goals and responsibilities bound to be fulfilled.

Whole Foods, Whole People and Whole Planet

Whole Foods, Whole People and Whole Planet are probably the strongest mission that any entrepreneur can ever develop.  This entity certainly operates in one of the most complex and incessantly changing part of the global market. Therefore the operations management culture upheld by this entity is quite important.  To stamp its place within the food market; Whole Foods management performed an extensive research  on the tastes and preferences of the American  clientele populace as well as the economic conditions in the American economy  as a primary pillar of developing the operational organization strategies (Wells & Haglock, 2008).

Fortunately the founders and subsequent managers of Whole Foods have evaluated their market environment and compiled quite a prudent approach to the greatest market share through competitive planning.  The opportunity to manufacture natural-foods for the American consumers was a prudent move by the founders who backed their venture with quality and design (Wells & Haglock, 2008). Operations management in this organization therefore avails the management team with the direct interface to their consumers and hence understanding the precise need and preferences of the clients.

Operations management also eradicates the incessant inefficiencies in the form of delays and counterfeiting of Whole Foods merchandise. The entity in a nutshell has established the major pillars of competitiveness in the form of consumer tastes and preferences, design, quality and supply chain management in a comprehensive operations management culture (Wells & Haglock, 2008). Through such a comprehensive strategy; Whole Foods has seen the entity rise against all market constraints by attracting the largest number of loyal clients. The loyalty of consumers has in return maximized the net turnover of this company. The company has hence  won the goodwill of regulatory authorities  hence  softening  any constraining  market laws and fees charged on the reduction process of the company products.

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The entire world has gradually been grappling with the problem of gender imbalance and more so the unending problem of male chauvinism.  Vivid is a unique book that focuses on a touching story of the genesis and nurturing of feminine resurgence in an area of masculine dominance. The plight of women in the early ages was in a quite compromising state with the masculine gender assuming all the influential and powerful positions within the society and hence suffocating the talent and power in the feminine gender. This paper aims to evaluate the role of women   in a time when gender equality was furthomed as a taboo in the ancient day community. This paper therefore focuses on the renaissance of the feminine gender through Dr. Viveca Lancaster as the heroin and founder of a string feminine foundation that set the equal opportunity platform for development in the Pennsylvanian state and gradually influencing the rest of the world to embrace the powerful and positive power of femininity.

Female physicians of colour as we encounter in the advent of Beverly’s story is in utmost jeopardy courtesy of the inhumane and unrealistic limitations put on these professionals. (Jenkins, 13) Dr. Viveca in particular faces massive challenges ranging from professional challenges to administration challenges to socio-ethic challenges in her quest to provide quality and affordable health care services by setting a healthcare facility for the all black Grayson Grove community (Jenkins, 34).

The dominant male forces in this society have alienated the naïve black people to the extent of questioning every action championed by a female no matter how positive and important it might be to the society. Regardless of the alienation and rejection she is accorded to by her own people; Dr. Viveca is quite determined and persistent to acquire her professional goal. Being one of the few female academicians of the 19tth century; Viveca is not afraid to compete with the dormant force of the male professionals. Viveca is an elegant woman in both physical appearance and academic ability.  Being a lady of colour; Viveca faces even greater challenges than other ladies of native origin.

Surprisingly, she is extraordinarily determined to fight the discriminative colour disadvantage and even more determined to erode the blackmail that has seen the  so called women of colour  fear to  nurture their  talents and  professions in the name of respect to the  socio-cultural dogmas within the society. Nate Grayson the most powerful man in Grayson Grove is probably a man who could never be drawn to the meagre sexual based issues as the mayor of the town  (Jenkins, 56).

Viveca’s beauty however drags the mayor down to this very issue. After swearing not to enter into marriage upon divorce with only wife; Nate finds himself in a dilemma when he goes to welcome the new Dr. Viveca Lancaster in his town. Nate directly shows his lack of faith on female doctors immediately after meeting Viveca at the train terminal.  Viveca on the other hand seeks to authenticate her profession by giving her educational documents as testimony of competence (Jenkins, 123).

Nate still not satisfied of the new physician persists on his doubt of females no matter how qualified and experienced their papers might testify. Viveca chooses to use the academic way of success in her profession to prove the mayor wrong.  Her beautiful appearance earns her the probation period opportunity from the mayor (Jenkins, 156). The warm-hearted and jovial personality of Viveca ‘Vivid’ earns her a unique new friend in Magic the mayor’s daughter. They easily blend together and become strong friends over a short time.

To the mayors surprise, Vivid had attracted not only the approval of Magic but nearly every other  man in the city is utterly attracted by the beauty of Viveca and are ready to court her for marriage. Vivid is quite honest and determined to achieve her professional goals and hence turns away all men courting her citing her professional duties as the sole reason why she is in town.

Viveca occupies Doctor Miner’s old house that is next to the mayor’s house and hence they frequent each other within their home environment their frequent encounters with the mayor takes the mayor by surprise. Viveca is entirely different form Cécile. Unlike Cécile, she is an industrious, determined loyal and honest lady.  Her success serves as an important lifetime lesson particular to the mayor who develops quite a positive interest in understanding the kind of person that Viveca is.

She delivers beyond the expectation of the mayor and all other male chauvinists within the town and most importantly serves as the heroin of the feminine gender that has endured for quite a long period (Jenkins, 203). She sets the precedence of positive change and equal opportunity based society hence initiating the gradual revolution form the age of male dominance to the era of healthy completion based on the skills, experience and passion of an individual in a certain profession. With the resurgence of women such as Vivid; the society enjoys even better services not only in the healthcare sector but all across the other sectors across the world.

Vivid is in a nutshell a prudent narration on the emergence of women from the pathetic position of tools to be misused to the advantage of the masculine gender in to worth competitors in all aspects of life.  The success we currently enjoy has substantially been nurtured from the courageous ladies such as Viveca and other ancient equal opportunity fighters. Men have even become more keen and competitive in the quest to maintain their original position within the society. Women on the other hand have been motivated to compete with men to extreme levels in every opportunity so as to earn their rightful place and respect within the society.

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